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Consider this page your electronic bulletin board. We’ll post all the announcements and information as well as recognize our incredible students here.

Club Spotlight - Forensics Club

In our recent Forensic Science Club session, students conducted soil contamination tests near Quarry Lake. Analyzing pH, chlorine, and iron levels, they honed essential forensics skills. Kudos to our talented investigators!

MIT STEMM High School Enrollment 2024–2025

MIT High School is accepting applications for the next school year for the ninth through twelfth-grade enrollment. MIT staff and students have been attending high school nights at different school districts as well as inviting the community to take a campus tour. Please, let us know if you know someone who is interested in taking a campus tour, and we will be able to schedule them.

The fillable form for the 2024–2025 enrollment is available on our school website in both English and Spanish. Once you fill out the form, download it and send it to the MIT front office admin team via email.

Science Ethics Community Project
Mrs. Alba's science ethics students outside holding up SLOW DOWN signs

Mrs. Alba's science ethics class has been working on a project to improve our "MIT Ethics." Each team researched a topic and interviewed the MIT community about issues in their areas. Based on analysis of the data collected in surveys and interviews, they created an awareness campaign to improve our MIT Ethical Culture. Some teams designed informational websites, created awareness posters, and made commercial videos with information and skits to educate our community about its importance. The campaigns will be shared with our school and community soon. Our themes are:

  • Homework and Test Honesty
  • Avoid Drugs
  • Healthy Eating
  • Physical Activity
  • Traffic Rules
  • Adequate Use of Phones

Please be aware and help us build a better MIT community!

Reaffirmation of Address Survey

We need to keep our family contact information up to date. It is essential for us to have your correct information on file to communicate with you regarding your student, emergency situations, upcoming events, grades, etc. Please fill out this survey as soon as possible. If your home address has changed, please provide proof of your new address. You can send a copy of your proof address to our registrar or bring it to the front office. Our office hours are Monday through Friday 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. We appreciate your help, thank you! 

Summary of Active and Inactive COVID-19 Cases

We want you to feel safe and to stay informed. Please check this update regularly for the latest information on known COVID-19 cases at MIT.