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Academics and Counseling

Students, parents, teachers, and administrators will work together toward student success. Our advisory program helps students make academic decisions and monitor academic achievement, encourages community service both within the school and outside the school, and promotes character development.

Personalized Education Plan

Personalized education plans provide MIT staff with comprehensive information on student progress so we can target areas where students may be struggling. Collaborating as a team, we deliver a customized plan to each student.

Our online learning system framework contains four fundamental components: prescribe, instruct, assess, and report.

  1. Prescribe: Generate a personalized curriculum plan for each student to address skill gaps.
  2. Instruct: Present content through a research-based model of carefully sequenced direct-instruction aids using study guides, quizzes, mastery tests, and essays.
  3. Assess: Identify each student’s strengths and deficiencies through pre-tests and adaptive assessments correlated to Arizona College and Career Readiness and national standards.
  4. Report: Refine curriculum plans based on benchmark progress. Our online technology platform provides teachers and administrators with data and tools to track and analyze all aspects of individual students and class performance, in order to benchmark progress.

Advanced Placement (AP) and Dual Enrollment

AP and dual enrollment college courses in several disciplines will ensure that college-level academic rigor is the mission of MIT. Students will be able to receive college credit and complete their first or second year of college before leaving MIT. Studies show that students who take AP and college classes in high school were found to be more likely to graduate from college within four years and have a higher grade point average in college than students who were not exposed to college classes (College Board 2007).